The coolest labret piercing in the World

Labret piercing is not so cool. Some stupid people think that it is cool to have a labret piercing, but I think they are just fools. Labret piercing is not cool. In fact it is ugly. Although, here are some nice labret piercing pictures. These are the coolest labret piercing images you’ll ever seen!

This labret piercing is white.

The transparent one is very nice. I think it is the coolest labret piercing.

Small is good in this case.

Simple labret piercing is even better.

So cool…

And also the next one is the coolest.

The last one is simply amazing! Just kidding!

5 thoughts on “The coolest labret piercing in the World”

  1. im sorry but the first one just looks absolutely disgusting the white one alll the others are alright but still gross

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