Sexy pin-up images

The pin-up girls have remained in the minds of many men, especially those of 50’s, and they still get a lot of interest today. All these sexy pin-ups were, many of them, celebrities like actresses or singers and they were simply amazing at that time!

First of all, we have a nice happy vintage couple, a man and a sexy woman. They seem to be happy!

vintage couple

This is what we can call a sexy lady at that time. She has a superb body, a nice smile, big breasts and fine legs.

sexy outfit

The next pin-up girl is a blond woman which a childish smile. Maybe she is not very sexy, but it was worth to add it here in this gallery.

pinup swimwear

The beautiful hair of these sexy pin-ups was really nice! She seems to stay near a pool, on her towel…

pin up hair

What a sexy lady! I best she is a famous celebrity! She looks like Cleopatra, the queen on Egypt. Maybe she is one of those girls from Broadway shows…

hottie pinup

Doris Day as a sexy girl and she looks great in the superb black swimwear. Does she has a bag in her hand? Or a giant bra?

doris day

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